Redrawing the frontiers of science.
We carry out interdisciplinary research in search of a new anthropological paradigm, which recovers classical knowledge in dialogue with the most current science.
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Research Lines
The Dynamism of Human Existence
Person, knowledge, action, interdisciplinarity

To develop an integral theory on the person that takes advantage of the theories of systems, knowledge, action, information, cybernetics, change and organizations to understand from a new paradigm human phenomena such as health, ecology, beauty, technology, communication, family, religion and even loneliness and suffering. To enter into the paradox of freedom and human intimacy detecting its radical keys.

Educating in hope
Technique, society, vocation

To discern the essence and meaning of education having as its central axis the hope proper to human freedom and its transcendent character. To seek an emphasis on the education of intimacy as an engine of personal life, the technical articulation of the world and social action. As well as exploring the systemic character of education, incorporating the different spaces, agents, and times of personal biography in which, beyond the school environment, the educational phenomenon takes place: family, work, church, state, etc.

Ecological richness
Work, justice, growth

To explore economic growth as an integrating reality that articulates material wealth with inner development and personal vocation. To investigate integral alternatives of productivity with which everyone, in a creative way, can participate in the fruits of labor. As well as, to seek that the economic activity opens the way to a more just and harmonious world that disposes universe as a dignified and common house to live in.

Inhabiting the city
Diversity, organization, peace.

To innovate modalities of social and political organization that allow rediscovering the value of the city, the citizenship, and the citizen. The aim is to propose a governance that enhances people's freedom to act, according to their situation, their alternatives, and their personal vocation. In short, to enrich the social game and provide elements to live conflict as an opportunity for social growth, and to make the city a home of greater respect, dialogue, and openness.

Associated Research Groups
Women and men: personal identity
Coordinated by: Dr. Blanca Castilla
Obervatorio of Philosophy and Phenomenology of Religion
Coordinator: Dr. Stefano Santasilia
Center for the Study of Family, Bioethics and Society
Coordinator: Dr. Guillermo Gutiérrez